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How would you like your business remembered?

In the property industry the average client is overwhelmed with stunning websites, glossy brochures, and superlative deals. Cutting through the competitive clutter is not easy but smart operators know that small things, such as great thank you gifts, can transform the relationship from business to brilliant...and those who build excellent customer relationships get to use everyone’s favourite four letter word; “SOLD”.

Excellent customer relationships are fundamental to snaring the golden goose of repeat business and referrals.

Ladybird Gifts specialises in the “thank you” gift space and excels in creating gifts for clients in the property sector - builders, developers, real estate agents, buyers agents, funders, retirement villages etc.

We believe that a great gift reflects the giver's understanding of the recipient, whilst simultaneously reflecting the values of the giver.

The right gift is a deposit in the relationship bank - a poor choice can be a withdrawal

Bev, our CEO says...
“Our decision to concentrate on this sector stemmed from our love of building strong, long term relationships with our clients, spending face to face time with them and creating gifts with their clientele and budget in mind. Good “old fashioned” customer service!"

What is the process?

1. Initial Consultation

The first meeting (ideally face to face) is a “meet and greet” during which we learn about your company, clients, current gift strategy, gift preferences, proposed budget spend, thoughts and ideas


Budget considerations

2. Budget Considerations

We guide and advise you on an appropriate dollar spend and ensure your budget is congruent with your company and your project

Budget considerations

Research and sourcing

3. Research and Sourcing

We source gifts that best compliment your clientele and corporate image
We are not a “one size fits all”

Research and sourcing

Unique elements

4. Unique Elements

You have access to your own personal gift consultant. Your unique gift boxes showcase and enhance your corporate brand. We ensure your gifts meet the “ABC of Best Practice Gift Giving”

Unique elements

Proposal presentation

5. Proposal and Presentation

At this meeting we reconfirm our previous discussions. We set up a display showcasing your proposed gift range and gift boxing options.
We discuss refinements, required time frames and proposed logistics and confirm Terms and Conditions

Proposal presentation

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Client comments

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