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Giving for a Great Return

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12 September 2016

Standing at the lift on a way to a networking function, I notice the laptop bag the lady next to me is carrying. It’s the perfect size with plenty of room, in delicious red, streamlined but stylish. Read more...



Gift giving: A taxing task

Gift giving: A taxing task

26 July 2016

Let's talk about the tax implications of gifts for staff and business connections. Google the ATO on this and you will get pages of information guaranteed to solve any insomnia issues you may have. So to make understanding this a little less taxing (forgive the pun...couldn’t resist), we have created a ready reckoner. Read more...



You shouldn't have! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Gift Giving

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8 May 2016

Unsuitable gifts can be a source of great amusement. However, gift gaffes can sometimes be no laughing matter. And the more important the relationship, the greater the potential for a seriously ugly situation. The right gift is a deposit in the relationship bank; a poor choice can be a withdrawal. Read more...



Shhhhhh, I’m networking: The art of skillful engagement

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7 March 2016

I have learned that networking is more than just business card distribution and “meet and greet”. Successful networking is an art. You need the proper knowledge, tools and guidance in order to build connections and maximise your outcomes. Experience has taught me many things, some harder to adopt than others. Allow me to share the main elements. Read more...