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About Us


About Us

After more than thirty years in the corporate world, Bev Barnfather set up Ladybird Gifts specifically to help people in business say ‘thank you’ to their clients and colleagues.

“In my corporate career, when I wanted to send a thank you to a client, finding gifts that were memorable was really difficult.  Sending someone a tin of smoked oysters and a bag of nuts just wasn’t going to leave the right impression!”

The Ladybird team select gifts of exceptional quality that leave a lasting impression in the minds of the recipient.

Ladybird Gifts’ success in attracting and retaining customers is based on quality gifts, exceptional customer service and outstanding presentation at prices that represent real value.

With all her years of experience running Ladybird Gifts, Bev is still driven to go the extra mile for her clients.  She draws energy every day from the inspiration to create the Ladybird Foundation.

“I met my husband when we were at high school.  We had 40 years together before he was diagnosed with cancer.  When George knew the end was close, his wish was to pass away at home with his family around him. To make that possible and to give him peace of mind and the best possible quality of life, we needed to find a hospital-style bed with electronic controls that could be moved easily and installed in our bedroom.  We were very fortunate to have the resources to buy a bed that suited. As these beds cost around $4,000, this is completely unaffordable for many. The aim of the Ladybird Foundation will be to raise money to make these beds available to those families who need them.”